Extra quiet

The itbeats® Practice Pad produces a very pleasant and extremely muted sound regardless the intensity of the strokes.
Low, medium, high tones produced while practicing maintain a pleasurable sound which makes the itbeats® Practice Pad the perfect companion for study or warms-ups before gigs.

Composite silicone material

The top layer of the itbeats® Practice Pad is made of a special composite silicone material with particular mechanical properties specifically selected to offer a rebound identical to the one of a snare drum's head in addition to extremely high resistance to tear and wear caused by the use over time.

Innovative non-tiring materials

The thickness, the density and the resilience (ability to absorb energy) of the innovative composite silicone material used for the top layer of the itbeats® Practice Pad are the key to a non-tiring feeling perceived while practicing even if for long time.

Total absorption of vibration

The bottom layer of the itbeats® Practice Pad is made of a specially woven high density technical textile material which is designed to absorb and cancel the totality of the vibrations generated by the strokes and conveyed by the composite silicone material towards the bottom of the pad.

High density technical textile

The advanced high density technical textile used for the bottom layer of the itbeats® Practice Pad is also designed to mitigate most of the sound produced by the sticks hitting the top surface, making the pad one of the most silent in the market.

Stain resistant surface

The non-porosity of the composite silicone material and the fine machine grinding process applied to it makes the top surface of the itbeats® Practice Pad stain resistant, repelling dirt or liquids, thereby preventing them from settling in.

Dual use

The itbeats® Practice Pad can be used also with brushes on the back-plate which surface is designed to resemble as much as possible a coated drum's head.

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